Heart of the Work

We call this process “Heartwork,” not only because it opens one’s “heart of compassion,” but also because it provides a way of resolving problems at the “heart of the matter.”


Heartwork involves quieting the mind, clearly defining the “problem” (whether identified as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or situational), focusing the attention into the feeling space or area in the body where this conflict is centered, and then looking into the very core of this area to find the “solution.”


The basic assumption of Heartwork is that “problems” are symptoms of underlying conflicts, caused by running away from, or fighting against, certain aspects of oneself.  The tensions and resulting dis-eases created by this internal split may manifest themselves on one or more levels of the body/mind.


The “solution,” then, is to stop running, and to look right into the heart of the “problem.”  In this way, one may “see” or directly experience, the thought and/or feeling that has been walled off from consciousness.  In the seeing, itself, there is an internal “coming-together” in which the thought/feeling is released, the “problem” resolved, and the person freed to move from dis-ease to ease.  In other words, one may go through one’s “problems” as a kind of doorway into a space of open awareness and insight.


Heartwork teaches one how to stop running and start looking.

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