Ego and Super Ego Run The Show

Once my work is done and I have given all I can give to what I really really want then there is a natural transition to acceptance that I have done my very very best and the universe will reveal if what I think I want will be granted.


One question that came up as I looked at what I really wanted was that I really really want to want certain things –


When I do commit I generally get the ultimate want… connection, love, peace….


An observation came to me at the very end.  I could clearly see how I would feel my mother’s grief for her or along with her and make it my own.  I saw it in my connection and difficulty in saying good bye, being touched by heartfelt good byes… being touched by Dale’s preciousness.  I have willingly and honorably for my whole life held the torch for sad goodbyes and when will we meet again questions… I was trained probably not consciously to be the one who would hold vigil each day till the next connection could occur.  Really simply I feel my mom’s love and pain of letting go and I feel dale’s love and appreciation for the work and each of us so deeply.  Today I choose to hold the torch in a new way.


I trust the universe!   or better said I really really want to want to trust the universe.. I hope to get to the REAL TRUST someday…  The universe will show us the way…. And I will carry the light….I am always here and mostly always up for an inquiry with TRUE dedicated ones.  I do not see that changing any time soon.

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